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Quality Management

As a Manufacturer, you know your customerā€™s trust and satisfaction in your product is the most important element. If you discover quality or other issues in the supply chain, you want to be able to recall your product before it will lead to reputational damage or more.

Track & Trace Manager allows you to identify and visualize how components in the production are linked, located and their status. For example, location of a specific WIP/lot, date/time of material change at machine, part numbers produced using specified material or machine, etc.

Track & Trace Manager is one of our solutions that helps to:

  • Collect: Extract & store of quality data (Barcode, QR codes, RFID, Sensors, etc.)
  • Visualize: Real-time monitoring & search listing
  • Analyze: Identify components/parts details
  • Improve: Condition and controls for tracking


  • Real-time and digitized tracing
  • Lower cost on long-term compared to paper-record method
  • Save time: Immediate result from real-time search
  • Mistake proof: As compared to hand-written and manual key-in data
  • Accessible from any PC with authority login controls

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Track & Trace with MES Platform

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