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Energy & Facilities Management

As a Manufacturer, you always look for a way to optimize. Big consumers of direct production cost are your Machines, Materials and Man-hours.

But what about Energy? Nowadays manufacturers strive to improve the energy efficiency, before you know HOW to optimize your energy consumption you need to identify:

  • WHAT is the efficiency of the Energy Consumption?

Energy & Facilities Manager is the tool for real-time energy performance monitoring. You will be able to manage the consumption, identify & explain the energy use and waste. With this information, you can develop the performance targets for energy management programs.

Energy & Facilities Manager is one of our solutions and provides:

  • Collect : Store energy data
  • Visualize : Real-time monitoring & control
  • Analyse : Statistical analysis tools & report dashboards for direct insight
  • Improve : Reduce the energy consumption


  • Reduce energy waste
  • Control Maximum Demand Usage
  • Optimize production cost

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