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Industrial Robotics

As a Manufacturer, you know that machines’ minimal cycle-time and produce high quality are vital aspect to meet high volume productions with zero defect. With special designed mechanical structure and computerized controls, robots are able to improve your productions’ quality and quantity. Industrial robots have advantages in the following 4 areas:

  • Accuracy & precision
  • Efficiency & speed
  • Ability to work in environment unsafe for human
  • Free from human limitations

Our Industrial robots ranging from Articulated (6-axis), SCARA (4-axis) and Cartesian (3-axis) robot with the various reach length, payload and with repeatability as low as ±0.005mm, we have the solution to help improve your production quality and quantity.

Industrial robots are usually coupled with the following options for specific applications:

  • Force sensor – For control, detection and logging on force-sensitive applications
  • 2D Vision systems – For guidance to robot without using mechanical locating tools/jigs
  • 3D Vision – Capable of bin picking (picking up workpieces loaded in bulk) without the need to register difficult workpiece shapes
  • Electric hand/gripper – Higher flexibility and accuracy on gripping of workpiece

Suitable for automation of process to replace human in production tasks especially for 3D: Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult/Dull) activities. Also known as 3K jobs in Japanese – Kitanai 汚い, Kitsui きつい and Kiken 危険.


  • High speed operation
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Able to lift heavy payloads
  • Large effective work area with small footprints

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