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Precision Handling System for Mobile Phone Screen

Industry: Electronics
Brands: Epson and Panasonic
Case Number:  CN-0017
Solution: Robotics and Vision Inspection

Problem Statement

A mobilephone OEM needs to attach a layer of tape in the inside of the screen during the production process. It is wasting a lot of man power and time with the manual process. On the other hand, the jig and fixture is needed to convert and maintain according to the model change of the products, the cost is very high.

Customer needed a fully automatic machine to replace the manpower, by using vision system + robot, it can work on different models of products, increase the productivity and saving the cost.

Success Stories CN-0017


Recommended Epson robot and Panasonic vision system to address the issue. With the guidance of the vision system, two higher payload robots can easily place the tape and stick it on the correct position accurately. After that, another lower payload robot transfer the work piece to the next process stage by using vision guidance.

Customer’s Feedback

Using vision and robot, tape sticking is very precise and high speed . By changing the parameter and data of the system, the system can handle any models of product, it is included tape sticking and location transfer, highly reduce the working cycle time and increase yield rate.