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Production Performance | OEE

SSCN NumberĀ : SSCN-0003
Project NumberĀ : FASMY-1805-014
SolutionĀ : Production Performance | OEE
IndustriesĀ : Electronic

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Problem Statement

– A lot of paperworks required to write the process parameter and quality result.
– No real-time information from production.
– Machine too old and PLC already Obsolete, cannot have communication protocol for digitalization.


– Upgrade existing PLC to Mitsubishi latest PLC.
– Using Mitsubishi SCADA for data consolidation and Visualization.
– Change all the analogue sensor to a digital sensor for digitalization of process parameter.
– Real-time production performance can be determined.


– Reduce manpower for all the manual recording and auto- generation of production report.
– Increase productivity and OEE.
– Production planning on system and transparency to everyone.
– Improve on the breakdown and reduce waste of material.