Flexible Automation System Corporation


Static Electricity Removing Unit Ionizer –Ā Air Gun Type (DTY-ELG31)

  • The product is designed for easy holding, and has a 140g [4.94oz] light weight body. (DTY-ELG31)
    30% reduction in weight (compared to our products)
  • A high-frequency AC method provides high efficiency of electrostatic charge removal and outstanding ion balance.
  • Highly flexible, flex-resistant cable is used for connection. (Main unit cable only)
  • A separate controller is unnecessary because a valve and ion generator is built in.
  • For -PAU, pulsed air improves energy saving/dust removal efficiency. (The pulse blow frequency is variable in the range of 5 to 15Hz.)
  • The IN port and the pulse blow unit are detachable. Options (sold separately) are replaceable.
  • Equipped with a lighting LED as standard. The high-brightness LED helps to prevent overlooking small foreign contaminants, and check foreign contaminants on hole bottoms, etc.
  • The extension nozzle enables to perform electrostatic charge removal and dust removal in narrow spaces.