Flexible Automation System Corporation


SF4BC Series Type 4 Safety Sensors

  • Compact profile design, maximize the machinery opening area.
    The SF4B-C series is designed to fit onto an aluminum frame, maximizing the machinery opening area. It can even allow zero dead zone.
  • Plastic × metal.
    The SF4B-C series features a proprietary double structure of a “plastic body” with a “metal inner frame” which lightens the weight while maintaining the durability.
  • Maximum protection height of 1,943.4 mm.
    Despite its compact, plastic body, the SF4B-C series features a metal inner frame that increases toughness and also keeps its enclosure not to curve.Protective heights range from 263.4 mm to 1,943.4 mm
  • 45% lighter* for easy installation in high places and when mounting long models.
    Thanks to its plastic body, the SF4B-C series is 45% lighter* than previous models with aluminium enclosures. This helps to reduce the overall weight of the equipment during transport and when shipping it overseas.
  • PNP / NPN polarity support.
    Since a single model number can be switched between PNP and NPN input, fewer model numbers need to be registered.