Flexible Automation System Corporation


SF2C Series Type 2 Safety Sensors

  • Slim size for efficient applications.
    Available work space is expanded from the previous model, and productivity is improved.
  • Dramatically less wiring work:
    Light curtain wiring consists of just five wires each for the emitter and receiver, allowing you to easily implement safety measures in about the same amount of time as with area sensor.
  • Beam axis alignment made easy:
    The emitter has an effective aperture angle of ±5° or less for an operating range of 3 m 9.843 ft. Compared to Type 4 light curtains (which have an effective aperture angle of ±2.5° or less), the SF2C series is easy to align and install.
  • Protection structure IP67.
    An IP67 (IEC) rating is achieved with an ultra-slim size for protection from environmental factors by a new method.