Flexible Automation System Corporation


NE- USB Signal Beacon


USB Controlled Multicolor Signal Beacon
USB Bus Power & Easy Control.
Multi-color: 7 colors can be displayed to meet your application requirements.

  • Supply power through bus power and controls with one cable when connected to a PC.
  • Easy programming using the DLL software library. It can also be controlled by various protocols, so operating systems other than Windows can be used.
  • Control is possible without installing dedicated drivers because it is an HID class device.
  • Ideal for office and retail applications. Get gentle yet noticeable notification with the soft light from the translucent lens and alarms that are easy on the ear.
  • Neodymium magnet type allows easy installation on desks and walls.
  • In addition, the 1/4 inch screw receptacle supports a wide range of mounting methods such as tripods. ※NE-SN-USB
  • Pole mount and wall mount options available (NE-001D for pole-mounting and NE-002D wall-mounting).

※ A USB cable (type A male to type C male) is not provided. To be obtained separately by the customer.
※ Programming knowledge required to control unit from PC via USB port.