Flexible Automation System Corporation



L Series AZ

The L series is a linear actuator in which a rack and pinion mechanism and a motor have been combined. The motor is equipped with the AZ Series that utilizes a battery-free absolute sensor, which allows for high positioning accuracy and high-load transportation up to 100 kg. It simplifies compact, high powered linear motion

Space Saving
The body is able to move automatically by fixing the screw holes on both end of the tracks. It is effective in large equipment which the motor space is limited.


Compatible Network Types
The motor part adopts the Ī±STEP AZ series equipped with ABZO encoders that do not require batteries making it compatible with major FA networks used all over world, and contributes to centralized management of device information and reduced wiring. Compatible Networks includes EtherCat, EtherNet/IP, Profinet, Mechatrolink-III, SSCNETII/H, ModBus (RTU)