Upgrade Drives & Motion System of Dental Xray Machine

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Brands: Sanyo Denki
Case Number: CN-0007
Solution: Drives & Motion

Problem Statement

In 2012, customer launched the 3D Dental CT Machine which is a breakthrough in the field of high end dental equipment in China. At the same time, customer is facing the cost issue. With our joint development in using Sanyo Denki motor, we helped to bring down the production cost.


The CT machine comprises of 8 pieces of stepping motor, 7 of them are using board type driver and 1 piece is using close-loop stepper. Replacing board type driver is a critical problem, it has to modify customer’s control circuit.

Customer’s Feedback

During the period of two years, customer’s monthly production increased gradually from 20 sets to 60 sets and up to 80 sets recently. The customer has very good feedback on our products, as a result, pushing up the sales of Sanyo Denki products to greater height.