Flexible Automation System Corporation


HG-C Series Measurement Sensors


HG-C Measurement sensors – Reliable detection in 10 Ī¼m precision

  • Fitted with a precise CMOS image sensor and an original algorithm.
    Thanks to a precise CMOS image sensor, it is now possible to perform highly precise measurements in the order of 1/100 mm. The existing adjustable range reflective sensors cannot achieve such accuracy.
  • An aluminum die-cast casing protects from strain and heat
    A light-weight but strong die-cast aluminum casing has been adopted. A compact, solid body casing reduces the impact of strain and heat on the measurement accuracy.
  • Equipped with 0-5 V analog output.
    The sensor not only indicates measured values in mm but also produces analog voltage outputs. Various calculations and storage (logging) can be performed when output is taken into a PLC + analog unit.