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FX-500 Series Fiber Amplifier

FX-500 Series Fiber Amplifier
  • Specifying just one value in an operation manual is possible
    In the case where multiple fiber sensors are installed under the same operating conditions, the incident light intensities are nearly identical to each other, allowing for the specification of one threshold across all sensors.
  • Maintenance is easy on stabilized fiber sensors
    Because the incident light intensity is stable, the same threshold value can be used even when an amplifier is replaced. Also, copying of setting is easy when used together with optical communication.
  • Stability in incident light intensity and confidence in beam adjustment
    When setting up fiber sensors in a row in the same layout, all incident light intensities will display nearly identical values once beams are aligned. This helps to raise installation precision and prevent trouble from occurring before equipment is turned on.
  • Improved fiber coupling efficiency and suppressed variation among units
    In each unit we have accurately aligned the central axis of the fiber with the central axis of the emitted light, which creates a high coupling efficiency that helps reduce variation among units.