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FAS-PH’s Japan Tour to Mitsubishi Electric Factory and IIFES 2024

In a transformative journey from January 28 to February 2, 2024, our FAS Philippines’ Sales Application Manager, Menjie Gumagda, and Sales Manager, Rhommel Lumbao went on a tour to Mitsubishi Electric Factory and participated in IIFES 2024 in Japan.

Presenters from Nagoya works factory & MELAP Japan, and participants from FAS, RAMCAR, FS Automation and Yamaha Motor Philippines

Below is their sharing:

During our visit to the Fukuyama Works and Nagoya Works Factories, our team delved into Mitsubishi Electric’s manufacturing prowess, gaining profound insights into how Mitsubishi Electric manufactures LVS and controls system products with high quality, durable, and reliable factory automation products. Key presentations on cutting-edge solutions in energy monitoring, the forefront of robotic advancements, and Genesis64 Updates, delivered by LVS Global Marketing team and FA Information Development Section at Nagoya Works, were integral to our exploration.

Factory Tour in Nagoya Works
Factory Tour in Nagoya Works

The focal point of our trip was the IIFES 2024, an industrial exhibition rich in innovation and creativity associated with electronic, measurement, and engineering solutions. Mitsubishi Electric also showcases the latest E-Factory solutions and software innovations at the IIFES 2024, a breakthrough innovation in today’s growing factory and industrial automation technological transformation. Invited by MELCO Factory Automation Philippines, our presence in IIFES 2024 shows support to MELAP to establish a stronger partnership in expanding the Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation products and services to Philippine market. IIFES 2024 also gave us an opportunity to build a good relationship with Philippine representatives from MELAP’s system integrator partners and customers.

IIFES 2024

Stay tuned for more updates on how these insights will shape the future of our endeavours and strengthen the foundation of our enduring partnership with Mitsubishi Electric. We’re excited to share the transformative impact it will have on our industry engagement and technological advancements!